​About Us

A brief history ... A very strong desire to start something on his own led to the formation of aCUBE Technologies in 2006 by Pradeep Kumar A. Initially, web designing and web hosting services were started. Bulk sms services were started in the year 2009 based on the marketing requirements of the then clients. The website BulkSMS-Service.com for sms services brought many hundreds of clients from all over India setting up a solid online business model. BulkSMS1.com has been adopted from 2012 and going strong.

BulkSMS1 team’s only focus is to serve clients to meet their business goals.

New age text & voice solutions ​are very much essential for companies to communicate with their clients, vendors, employees, and members. Companies need a suitable business partner to meet these business goals.

BulkSMS1 ​continues its contribution in the success of small and mid sized businesses in India.​

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