​Bulk SMS for ​Automobile Companies

​Find below bulk sms example messages (bulk sms sample templates) used by ​automobile companies in India. Visit Example Messages page for real time example messages being used by various organisations.​

​Promotional Bulk SMS

Identify prospective vehicle buyers by targeted sms marketing

  • ​Rush! Exciting offers on this year end. Discounts up to Rs. 35,000 on 4 wheelers. Valid up to 31 Dec. Call 8088229922. -Bangalore Car Showroom.
  • ​Exciting Summer Offer on 2 wheelers. Low down payment up to Rs. 2,000 or exchange bonus up to Rs. 20,000. Valid up to 31 May. Call 8088229922. -Mumbai Motors.

​Identify prospective customers for free test drives on arrival of new cars and bikes

  • ​Free Car Service Camp on 25 and 26 Oct. Venue: Palace Grounds, Bangalore, Timings: 10 am to 8 pm. Call 8088229922. -Bangalore Car Service.
  • ​Dussehra Festival Discount Offer on small cars. Get discounts up to Rs. 25,000. Valid from 1 - 15 Oct. Hurry! Call 8088229922. -Delhi Auto Ltd.

​Transactional Bulk SMS

  • ​Dear Surya Kumar, thank you for visiting our showroom. Give us your valuable feedback when one of our exectives calls you. -Hyderabad Super Cars.
  • ​Dear Latha, thank you for booking a car from our showroom. For any queries call 8088229922. -Ahmedabad Motors Limited.
  • ​Greetings from Chennai Auto. Thank you for purchasing the bike from our showroom. For any queries call 8088229922. -Chennai Auto.
  • ​Dear Vijay, RTO has allotted a registration number for your vehicle and registration number is KA 04 E 4428. -Kolkata Automobile.
  • ​Dear Manoj, your vehicle with the Reg. No. KA 03 F 7528 has been taken for the service. Delivery date is 26 Apr 2019 at 4 pm. -Surat Motors Pvt. Ltd.
  • ​Dear Raghav, your car is due for the first service. Please bring your vehicle before 16 Oct 2019. -Pune Cars.
  • ​Dear Kiran, your vehicle AMC Service is due on 26 May 2019. Please bring your vehicle before the due date. -Jaipur Auto Agency.
  • ​Dear Karthik, your vehicle is ready now. Approximate bill amount is Rs. 6,500. Please take the delivery before 16 June, 6 pm. -Lucknow Car Showroom.
  • ​Dear Suma, thanks for the payment of Rs. 5,650 towards your vehicle no. KA 05 D 7445. Your next EMI Rs. 5,650 is due on 13 May. -Kanpur Cars Auto Pvt. Ltd.
  • ​Dear Sharath, your two wheeler insurance expires on 17 Apr. Please visit our showroom for the renewal. -Nagpur Moto Care.
  • ​Dear Ravi, How is your vehicle’s performance after service? If satisfied message YES else NO along with your vehicle Regn. No. to 8088229922. -Indore Car Care.


The names and numbers are variables in the above example messages. They will be replaced with actual content while using the messaging service.

The names and numbers used in the above examples are fictitious. They are used for only demonstration purpose. They will be replaced with the actual content while using the messaging service.


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