​Bulk SMS for ​Clubs and Associations

​Find below bulk sms example messages (bulk sms sample templates) used by ​clubs and associations in India. Visit Example Messages page for real time example messages being used by various organisations.​

​Transactional Bulk SMS

  • ​Dear Members, Executive Meeting to be held on 17 April at the Association Office. All members are requested to attend without fail. -Bengaluru Club International.
  • ​Dear Members, Annual Subscription Fees Rs. 15,000 for FY 2019 is due. Pay either at Association Office or in Association’s Bank Accounts. -The New Delhi Happy Club.
  • ​Dear Members, New Year Celebrations will be held on 31 Dec 2019 at Association Office Terrace. All members are requested to participate without fail. -Mumbai Cultural Association.
  • ​Dear Members, update your phone number, email id, and photo at the website before 19 July. -Chennai Womens Association.
  • ​Dear Members, request you to confirm your names for the Cultural Program to be held on 29 Sep. -The New Bangalore Club.
  • ​Dear Members, request you to attend the Career Workshop on Self Empowerment on 26 Aug. -Vijayanagara Residents Forum.
  • ​Dear Members, Blood Group B+ required urgently for one of our members. If you want to donate contact the Association Office or call 8088229922. -The New India International Club.
  • ​Dear Members, Association Election scheduled on 28 Oct has been postponed due to administrative issues. We regret the inconvenience. -Hyderabad Recreation & Association.
  • ​Dear Members, Adhaar Card Camp will be conducted in the association’s premises on 11 May from 9 am to 6 pm. Request all to make use of this opportunity. -Young India Sports.
  • ​Dear Members, with profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of Sharma’s mother on 4 Mar 2018. -Super Premier Sports Club.


The names and numbers are variables in the above example messages. They will be replaced with actual content while using the messaging service.

The names and numbers used in the above examples are fictitious. They are used for only demonstration purpose. They will be replaced with the actual content while using the messaging service.


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