​Bulk SMS for ​Couriers and Logistics

​Find below bulk sms example messages (bulk sms sample templates) used by ​couriers and logistics in India. Visit Example Messages page for real time example messages being used by various organisations.​

​Transactional Bulk SMS

  • ​Dear Customer, your AWB no. is 3852585. For any queries call 8088229922. -Super Dart Courier Service.
  • ​Dear Customer, your AWB no. 5852534 is enroute to Bangalore for delivery. For any queries call 8088229922. -MaxEx Express.
  • ​Dear Customer, your AWB no. 3152585 has been delivered. For any queries call 8088229922. -DHLM Courier Company.
  • ​Dear Customer, your AWB no. 9852519 has been returned due to unavailability of parcel receiver on 25 Apr. Please collect your courier from the booking branch. For any queries call 8088229922. -BTDC Parcel Service.
  • ​Dear Customer, your complaint regarding AWB no. 8452384 has been solved. For any queries call 8088229922. -Flight First Logistics.
  • ​Lorry: KA 05 D 8949, LH No. 78859 27-Jun-19 Delhi to Bengaluru, Freight 542542, Advance Rs. 49,000, Enquiry No: 9125. -​VRLMN ​Courier Service.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, your house relocation from Mysore to Bengaluru has been addressed to Girish, and the service proposal will be sent to you shortly. -Dot On Cargo.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, we are glad to help you in your factory relocation from Chennai to Mumbai. We keep you posted on the further developments. -OnTrack Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, please provide a survey schedule for your office relocation from Delhi to Bangalore. -Pro Gati Couriers.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, we would like to confirm the survey scheduled on 6 Oct for your relocation from Pune to Mumbai. -United Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, the survey has been completed. We revert with our quote by 10 Sep. -Super Professional Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for awarding us the relocation from Hyderabad to Chennai. Our Customer Service Department will contact you shortly. -MaxTej Couriers & Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, we regret to learn that our quote did not suit your requirements. Looking forward to assist you with your future requirements. -FineCourier Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, your quote for the relocation from Kolkata to Delhi is under process. We will send you the quote latest by 25 Oct. -SuperFast Logistics.
  • ​Dear Sir/Madam, we will be glad to assist you with your import shipment coming from Srilanka to be delivered at Chennai. The shipment is expected to arrive at 7 pm on 12 Apr. We keep you posted. -OverNight Parcel Service.


The names and numbers are variables in the above example messages. They will be replaced with actual content while using the messaging service.

The names and numbers used in the above examples are fictitious. They are used for only demonstration purpose. They will be replaced with the actual content while using the messaging service.


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