​Bulk SMS for Invitation Messages

Find below example invitation messages being used by people on various occassions in India. ​Visit Example Messages page for real time example messages being used by various organisations.​

​Bulk SMS for Wedding Engagement Invitation

  • ​I cordially invite you and your family to the engagement party to be conducted at my residence on Saturday, 24 November from 1 pm onwards. I would await your gracious presence at the party and the feast thereafter. -Mr. Manoj Gupta.
  • ​Spring is here and wedding bells are near. Please join us to celebrate the engagement of Anurag and Madhuri on Thursday, 25 May, 6 pm onwards at Mani Mahal, Coimbatore. -Mr. & Mrs. Anupam Jogi.

​Bulk SMS for Wedding ​Invitation

  • ​Mr. and Mrs. Akshay Sinha request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Priyanka with Gautam from 7 am onwards, Sunday, 16 June, 2019 at The Green Pearl Hotel, Ahmedabad.
  • Together with their families Shasikiran and Sunitha request your presence at the ceremony and celebration of their marriage from 7 am onwards, Friday, 24 May, 2019 at Hotel Chennai Gateway, Chennai.​

​Bulk SMS for Wedding ​Reception Invitation

  • It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the wedding reception of the newly wed Arundhati and Narayan. Please join us on 9 Jan, 2019 from 7 pm onwards at Radhe Krishna Banquets, Kolkata. -Mr. & Mrs. Saha.​
  • The newly wed couple Shakuntala and Deepak need your blessings. We cordially invite you to the wedding reception on 24 Feb, 2019 from 7 pm onwards at Great India Celebration, Noida. -Mr. & Mrs. Nair.​

​Bulk SMS for Wedding ​Anniversary Invitation

  • We’d like to share with you the joy and excitement of our 25th wedding anniversary. To celebrate this special moment, we invite you to join us for food, music, and celebrations on 22 Mar, 2019 at 6 pm at Pushpa Vilas, Delhi. -Mr. & Mrs. Dutt.​
  • Please be our guest at the dinner party in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary on 15 June, 2019 at 6 pm at Vishnu Priya, Kolkata. We look forward to your gracious presence on this special occasion in our lives. -Mr. & Mrs. Shah.​

​Bulk SMS for ​Birthday Invitation

  • 12 magical months, 365 delightful days, 8760 adorable hours, and 1 perfect year! It’s time for our little Master Vineeth’s first birthday. Please join us for a celebration from 6 pm onwards on Sun, 15 Aug, Rajalakshmi Kalyana Mandira. -Mr. & Mrs. Bose.​
  • She has spent five decades in spreading love and warmth. Now it is our turn to make her birthday a special one. We invite you to our grandmother’s birthday party at 7pm today at Kingdom Party Hall. -Mr. & Mrs. Naidu.​

​Bulk SMS for ​Naming Ceremony Invitation

  • With pride and joy, we cordially invite you to share a special day in our lives as our daughter is given her name on Friday, 29 July at 11 am at 287, Gangadhar Babu Lane, Kolkata. Lunch to follow ceremony. -Mr. & Mrs. Chowta.​
  • We request the pleasure of your company on the memorable occasion of the naming ceremony of our beloved daughter at 9 am, Sunday, 27 Jan, 2019 at 56, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai. -Mr. & Mrs. Varman.​

​Bulk SMS for House Warming Invitation

  • ​You’re invited to Housewarming Party! Join us at our new nest on 26 Jan, 2015 from 7 pm onwards at 803, Swaminarayan Avenue, Naranpura, Ahmedabad. -Mr. & Mrs. Saran.
  • ​New Home Sweet Home! Mr. & Mrs. Mukerji invite you to ring the doorbell for Housewarming Party at 7 pm on 4 Feb, 2015 at 978, HSR Layout, Sector-4, Bangalore.


The names and numbers are variables in the above example messages. They will be replaced with actual content while using the messaging service.

The names and numbers used in the above examples are fictitious. They are used for only demonstration purpose. They will be replaced with the actual content while using the messaging service.


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